Welcome to the Yoga Inclusivity Movement of Yoga.Includes.Me.  Yoga is a practice.  It doesn't exclude due to your age, your size, your nationality, your religion or your gender identity.  Yoga Includes Me and Yoga Includes You.  Namaste

celebrate inclusivity at the soul long beach yoga festival



We have created a safe space where you can freely sample different types of yoga classes, from a slow, gentle flow to a more vigorous vinyasa.  Learn how to develop a daily, personal yoga and meditation practice. 



Attend numerous workshops with actively practicing practitioners in the community to improve your physical, emotional and spiritual well-being. Purchase products from conscious vendors to support your healthy lifestyle.



Experience a shift in perspective and energy with our seasoned healers.  Choose acupuncture, massage, Reiki energy healing or a card reading.  Maybe treat yourself to a henna tattoo as a beautiful reminder of your journey.

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waiver of liability

Must be signed by all participants of the Soul Long Beach Yoga Festival.  You can download and print to bring with you to the festival or we will have them on site.

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