Soul food vendors


Delicious Strawberries and More Food Truck

Enjoy a treat during the festival at Delicious Strawberries and More Food Truck.  Delicious Strawberries has shaved ice, juices and smoothies all made to order!  Fresh, delicious and served with a smile.  You can find Javier and his truck on the corner of 45th and Atlantic, Monday through Sunday in the beautiful city of Long Beach, CA.  Find them on Instagram @deliciousstrawberriesandmore.  Read their awesome Yelp reviews at 


Coastal Coffees

Coastal Coffees is a Los Angeles based espresso bar on wheels!  So your passion for coffee can finally come to you.  Coastal Coffees serves their personal selection of gourmet roasted coffee beans.  CC sources the best beans that Alaska-based coffee roasters, Raven's Brew Coffee, has to offer.

CCs skilled baristas, combined with their pantheon of liquid bliss, are able to make your day more enjoyable, no matter where you are at!  Coastal Coffees is the perfect food truck for an all day yoga festival.  Social media connections Instagram and Facebook @coastal.coffees Check out their menu at