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Ashley Myles of Soultique Intentional Jewelry

Ashley Myles of Soultique Intentional Jewelry

Ashley Myles of Soultique Intentional Jewelry


 Our wishes, our goals, our dreams our aspirations; all begin with an  intention.  We create jewelry to serve as  beautiful reminders of YOUR intentions. Each piece is handcrafted with high quality semi-precious stones and infused with Love, Light and positive vibes. We specialize in customization based  on your specific desires and the subtle, yet healing energy of the stones. We also create sets for couples, friends and families.  The mission of Soultique is to inspire, spread Love, provide peace, educate and support everyone along their journey.  You can find Soultique Jewelery on Facebook @AshleyMyles, Instagram @_soultique_ and by email:

The Tree South LA

Ashley Myles of Soultique Intentional Jewelry

Ashley Myles of Soultique Intentional Jewelry


 Since 2013, The Tree South LA has been serving the community of  South Central Los Angeles with opportunities to develop better health using practices of yoga, mindfulness, restorative justice, education, as well as viable trainings in wellness trades while creating an alternate environment that is a safe place for people to gather and celebrate community.

The Tree is led by the people and for the people.  The Tree's mission statement is to create sustainable health equity through individual well-being and community support.

 The Tree offers Yoga & mindfulness classes 7 days a week with diverse talented teachers by donation, outreach programs of mindfulness and yoga training throughout the community by partnering with schools, health centers, libraries and community centers that address homelessness, mental health, and rehabilitation, a community garden offering education on horticulture and healthy eating, The Tree has trained 90+ yoga teachers of color, curates and sponsors community marketplaces where local businesses can sell and promote their business, workshops, trainings, and series that directly address the needs of our community and panel and discussions around issues that directly effect our community.  You can contact The Tree and get their daily yoga and workshop schedules at social media @thetreesouthla.  Visit The Tree at  8227 South Western Avenue, Los Angeles, CA, 90047, 310-710-0744 or email The Tree at INFO@THETREESOUTHLA.ORG .

Rhonda Kuykendall-Jabari with Emotional Body Scan

Rhonda Kuykendall-Jabari with Emotional Body Scan

Rhonda Kuykendall-Jabari with Emotional Body Scan


 Emotional Body Scan is a non-invasive technique that can help you identify where you may benefit from added support from specific essential oils. We will scan for emotional support needs. Based on your results, you will receive a specially selected trio of oils designed to restore balance to mind, body and spirit.   

 Rhonda is a certified Reiki Master Teacher, and Chakra Therapist,  with more than 15 years’ experience. She is an alchemist, and essential oils enthusiast. She also has a Bachelors Degree in Spiritual Healing and is a gifted intuitive empath, which means she has an unusual capacity for sensing and understanding the feelings of others.  Rhonda is known for her professionalism, gentle spirit and ability to remain calm under fire. With an inherent love and abiding respect for Mother Earth, Father Sky and a passionate reverence for nature, Rhonda responded to an ancestral calling to be a community and world healer. She is a 3rd generation healer who credits her maternal grandfather with passing on a connection to the Universe. He was a minister of Blackfoot and African American heritage.  Rhonda began her journey in the 1990's, facilitating women's herbal cleansing groups. In 2005 she founded Wellness Uprising, where clients find relief from cancer treatments, chronic health conditions, physical and emotional pain, anxiety, insomnia, stress, depression, post-traumatic stress symptoms, energetic imbalances, substance abuse and general health issues. She is a frequent blogger, published writer, and a lifelong student of the healing arts.   You can reach Rhonda through her website, social media on Facebook @wellnessuprising and Instagram @reikibyrhonda

Xclusive By Joy Luxury Candle Collection

Rhonda Kuykendall-Jabari with Emotional Body Scan

Rhonda Kuykendall-Jabari with Emotional Body Scan


Joy Rayside is a CA State licensed Massage Therapist d.b.a SpaDVA. She has been practicing Massage Therapy for more than 15-years providing massage therapy to celebrity clients, athletes and entertainers.

Training and teaching became her passion and Joy trained hundreds of students in various massage modalities and wrote and developed 720-hour massage therapy curriculum for vocational colleges in Los Angeles County. 

In that process she discovered that a holistic approach to healing should not only include touch, diet, exercise and meditation but scents because they can affect a person's overall well being stimulating mental clarity, a sense of inner peace and harmony in the mind, body and spirit.

Scents/aromas trigger special memories and emotions.

Xclusive By Joy Luxury Candle Collection was developed to use the power of scent to affect a person's attitude, creativity and to enhance their massage experience.

Xclusive By Joy Luxury Candle Collection uses aromatherapy through candle burning and mirrors the scientific evidence that aromatic scents are known to penetrate the blood-brain barrier and promote healing and calmness in the mind and body. 

It's through our candles that we can provide therapy on a higher level.

Xclusive By Joy candles are her own personal creations of hand poured and uniquely blended scents inspired by the specific needs of clients.

Xclusive By Joy Candles evoke a sense of Love or Attracting love, Mental Clarity, Peace, Protection and they are also designed to assist with Aura Cleansing, Chakra Balancing and Meditation.

Every candle is infused with positive energy and prayer. 

Xclusive By Joy Luxury Candle Collection can be purchased at (310)946-1261. 

Website coming soon!

     Joy Rayside, LMT, CNC, CNHP   

                Xclusive By Joy

        "Luxury Candle Collection"


Beverly Campbell with Norwex

Handmade Malas by Lotus Love Reiki - Carmen Inocencio

Handmade Malas by Lotus Love Reiki - Carmen Inocencio


 Hello, my name is Bev Campbell. I have been a Norwex Independent Consultant for over three and a half years. Why I got involved with this company is one simple reason?? I was invited to a party, because I had not heard of Norwex before. I was intrigued with the product and I liked what they did without using any chemicals. Their mission statement fits my lifestyle, “Radically reducing chemicals in your home”. So, in January 2016, I decided to sign up to be a consultant. I like that fact that by using just water with Norwex’s products that it cleans your home. Norwex can eliminate 99% of the bacteria in your home which is FDA approved. I am one that doesn’t like to use harsh chemicals like bleach. I don’t like the smell of bleach. I love everything that Norwex has. My website is Please feel free to stop by my booth.   Beverly can help us maintain our healthy lifestyles with cleaning products that are chemical free. 

Handmade Malas by Lotus Love Reiki - Carmen Inocencio

Handmade Malas by Lotus Love Reiki - Carmen Inocencio

Handmade Malas by Lotus Love Reiki - Carmen Inocencio


 Hi my name is Carmen Inocencio and have been a Master Reiki practitioner for about 3 years. As someone who works with other people’s energy flow, it’s important for me to cleanse and ground myself. I definitely do it through Reiki but equally importantly, I do so through meditation. Someone asked me why I made malas versus purchasing them - with the all work from setting an intention, designing its' layout, picking out the crystals/beads to use, to the sit down process of stringing (and often individually hand knotting each bead). Here is why. As someone who meditates, it is important to me to have a mala that I feel connected to. When I first started mantra meditating, I knew I wanted to transcend my meditation process, so off I went and purchased a mala from anywhere. They served my purpose at that time but I felt I needed to understand the process of the energy that went into making a mala. For example, how many knots should I use to close a mala, how many rounds should there be when I make the much to learn! From there, I felt that to better match my energy and intentions for my meditations, I needed to make my own malas...and WOW! Such a transformation in how connected I was to the energy flow of my meditation process. Whether it was meditating verbally or in silence, my connection with my spiritual and higher self was heightened.   So I made more malas for myself. From there, others asked me to make malas, bracelets, and  other items for them that connected with their needs. What I found was that by making these items, whether for others or myself, it was another way for me to connect. Another form of meditation. I was able to quiet and slow my monkey brain and just zen. This is why I make malas and other items.   Connect with Carmen on Facebook  and Instagram @LotusLoveReiki.

Dean Mayo of Yoga Photo Mats

Handmade Malas by Lotus Love Reiki - Carmen Inocencio

Ervin Summers of Black Gods Lift


As a professional landscape photographer for over 15 years my passion has been to capture

those incredible images that creates a feeling of calmness and zen to help one create a

visual vacation, if only for a second.

As I began to practice yoga for all its benefits I realized that the yoga mat was the perfect

canvas to print inspirational images on, but I could not find a company with the ability to

print images on a mat. After a lengthy search I finally found a printer that would

accomplish my goal, and as the saying goes the rest is history.

In combining Yoga and Photography I strive to create visually inspiring scenes that strike

that magical combination between art, strength and balance just like the perfect yoga pose.

The images are produced on eco friendly mats with eco friendly ink that is UV cured for

durability and will inspire you to reach for the sky!

Custom mates are also available at no additional cost, so send me your favorite image and

I'll produce the mat for you!


Dean Mayo;; Instagram #yogaphotomats and Facebook @yogaphotomats

Ervin Summers of Black Gods Lift

Carina Cristiano and Heart Driven Purpose

Ervin Summers of Black Gods Lift


 My name is Ervin Summers (Black God) personal trainer and owner of the fitness brand Black Gods Lift. I know how difficult it is to be consistent with health & fitness, so my goal is to inspire, educate and empower all brothers and sisters of the community through fitness.

We believe keeping the physical body healthy restores one to a state of wholeness and goodness.

Let us REGAIN CONTROL over our lives! Self esteem is a sense of value and worth that comes from a positive self image. LET GO. LETS GROW. LETS GLOW!  Black Gods Lift's Vendor table will be selling  selling men & women’s fitness tanks, T-shirt’s and men’s shorts.
IG: @blackgodslift 


Carina Cristiano and Heart Driven Purpose

Carina Cristiano and Heart Driven Purpose



#MindShakers is an addicting self-improvement game that is played with a set of dice and uses the concept of bridging the conscious and subconscious mind together to be unified and in agreement through consistent daily ritual affirmations. 
#MindShakers was created by Anissa & Nils Lawrence who came up with the idea out of necessity. After many years of practicing daily affirmations, they found themselves trying to come up with ways to make the practice fun and exciting for their kids to enjoy also. They needed a game! Something simple that you could put in your pockets and play anywhere, at any time! So it was one morning while Anissa was lying in bed doing her daily ritual affirmations that the idea hit her! A pair of dice that you can roll and be assigned your 2 Daily Ritual Affirmations to focus on throughout your day! The rest is history!

You can find #MindShakers on Facebook and Instagram at  dra.co_mindshakers, website and email at

Carina Cristiano and Heart Driven Purpose

Carina Cristiano and Heart Driven Purpose

Carina Cristiano and Heart Driven Purpose


Heart Driven Purpose is a Business Consulting, Life Coaching and Education Pathway to finding

your personal heart driven purpose in work and life! Realizing life doesn’t come at you, but

through you is a self-powering space. Too often business owners, artists, and healing

professionals are in need of assistance in building their business while maintaining their heart

driven purpose too. Feeling a deep connection to their work but making it a career pathway as

well. After years of business consulting, teaching and business coaching, Carina has added a wonderful collection of life coaching offerings too! There is no such thing has a business plan or personal plan, you need both. Both to marry one another and be a seamless fit with a heart driven purpose. Answering not just your why, but your “who are you” question in your planning stages. If a chair leg had three legs, one would be career/finance, the second leg would be your connectivity to others/relationships, the third would be self/ spiritual (self-love, meditation/prayer, healthy lifestyle). So often people do not understand how to have three hence the instability life can sometimes feel like it has, and priorities or goals get misconstrued. This is a bigger opportunity for career minded people including healers and artists. It is more than a business plan, business growth strategy plan, and marketing consultant operation, as

there are more layers to this opportunity to work with Carina and team. Carina along with her videographer Gustavo Rodriguez helps you tell your story first for yourself and then to share with others. A story that portrays a heart driven purpose. Claiming your authenticity in a

powerful and freeing way!  You can reach Carina at and 562-760-8957

Silver Star Apparel

Calista Ocean, Author and Yoga Teacher

Calista Ocean, Author and Yoga Teacher


 Silver Star Apparel is a t-shirt company based out of Retro Row in Long Beach.  Our first collection-- featuring six vintage-inspired Long Beach designs-- is an ode to where we began.  Find Silver Star at and social media @silverstarapparel.  Silver Star Apparel is also one of our amazing community sponsors and will be donating one of their vintage Long Beach t-shirts to the festival raffle!

Calista Ocean, Author and Yoga Teacher

Calista Ocean, Author and Yoga Teacher

Calista Ocean, Author and Yoga Teacher


 What might change in your life if you hit the ‘pause’ button for ten to twenty minutes each week to delve into the wilderness of your soul? What would you discover?  Whether you’ve never journaled a single page or you’ve been journaling for years – ‘Explore Your Inner Landscape’ is a unique book that offers creative and thought-provoking questions to inspire self-discovery and insight.   This book includes weekly journaling prompts and lined pages for writing; practices and activities that you can do before and after writing each week to deepen your experience; and inspirational quotes and journal excerpts.

The best part is that there is no way to ‘get it wrong.’ Although the book will act as a map through the different terrains if your being, you’ll invite your heart to guide you each step of the way. You decide how much to write and how often. You select the activities that inspire you and ignore the ones that don’t. Let your intuition be your compass and grab a pen! It’s time to explore the beauty within you. 

Stop by to pick up a discounted copy of this colorful, gift-quality book.  Purchase one for yourself and one for a friend! 

And when she’s not teaching yoga or facilitating a workshop, the author will be available to answer questions or sign your copy.  Her novel –In Peril – will also be available for purchase.  It’s a supernatural thriller that explores the nature of reality.  For more information about either book, visit Calista Ocean’s author page on -