Morning Wake Up Yoga Flow

You can do this easy yoga flow right from your bed. Get your morning off to a positive start 


Swag Bag Donor and Vendor Update!

New sponsor Long Beach Creative Reuse Depot

Long Beach Yogini on the go visiting with our sponsors Lisa and Yoshino 

The Significance of the Number 2

Check out this great video about why the festival date is 2/22/2020!

Sweet Yoga Flow

20 minute yoga flow - just an example of what you’ll see at Soul Long Beach Yoga Festival

Early Morning Quickie

Under 10 minute sequence you can do in the morning to get your day started off on a positive energy vibration.

16 Second Meditation

This meditation is a life changer. Just do this meditation daily for 21 days and see amazing changes in your life.   

Learn fearless heart mudra for meditation

Instruction on the Abhaya Hridaya Hand Mudra

Video Cast Interview with Sharifah Hardie

Awesome interview about the motivation to create the Soul Long Beach Yoga Festival and festival details.